Shipping for v3.0 - Global availability

Paradime is now global availability across four continents. Learn about the key benefits and what to consider when choosing a region.

September 5, 2023
Shipping for v3.0 - Global availability
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Shipping for v3.0 - Global availability


Today we are kicking off our countdown to Paradime v3.0 release. We are announcing that Paradime is now globally available across the USA, UK, EU, and Asia Pacific. We are now on 4 continents out of seven.

Global availability on the edge

Paradime platform is now available across four continents at the following locations:

  • N. Virginia (USA)
  • Dublin (EU)
  • London (UK)
  • Frankfurt (EU)
  • Singapore (APAC)
  • Sydney (APAC)

Our growing user base can now host their Paradime instance with unmatched flexibility across the globe. Organizations will now be able to meet their data residency requirements globally by taking advantage of Paradime's market-leading analytics platform.

Currently, regions outside N. Virginia and London, are only available to Paradime's Scaling Tier customers. The key benefits of all the new instances are:

  1. The same high availability architectural design of Paradime platform is available in every location
  2. 100% in-region data residency with no replication outside the region
  3. All locations are updated simultaneously so that there is complete feature parity across all regions all the time

Customers can see where their instance is hosted, simplifying the management, compliance and procurement process for companies that have stringent data residency requirements.

Which region should I choose?

The region you choose depends on a few factors like the pricing plan and other security requirements and needs.

On the Starting or Growing tier, you can only choose between a US and EU instance. For the US, we host your instance in N. Virginia by default. For the EU, we host your instance in London by default. This way as a European customer, you can stay GDPR compliant in a cost-effective way.

If you are on the Scaling tier, you can choose any of the available locations based on one or more of the considerations below:

  1. Do you have specific security and compliance objectives where your personnel data (PII) on Paradime needs to stay within the region?
  2. Do you need to connect to your Snowflake instance using AWS Private Link? Many security teams require that their network traffic between Paradime and their Snowflake instance don't hit the internet. With a co-located Paradime instance, our Enterprise customers meet their cyber-security needs.
  3. Do you have specific privacy mandates like GDPR (EU), GDPR (UK) or GDPR (ANZ) where data within the region should stay within the region?

To meet our customers compliance needs, we already support:

  • SOC 2 Type 2 report
  • Data Privacy Addendum (DPA) covering GDPR, CCPA and Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC)


We are always looking at future locations where Paradime can be available. So if you have specific security needs for an instance in your region, reach out to us on Paradime.

That's a wrap for today and tomorrow we have another exciting update coming up - so stay tuned 🥳.

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