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Running on AWS Graviton, Paradime is 4x faster and consumes 60% less energy


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Optimize marketing campaigns, monetize subscriptions or reduce churn - Paradime can help you maximize the value of your media assets, solve data quality challenges, and reduce costs. Unlocking dbt™ has never been easier.

AI-powered dbt™ development

With Paradime Code IDE, you can build dbt™ models 80% faster. Our secure, serverless cloud IDE comes with built-in data apps, easy git, and an AI co-pilot powered by GPT-4o to support you.

Ship dbt™ pipelines in seconds

Paradime Bolt simplifies dbt™ pipeline management. Run no-code dbt™ jobs, notify stakeholders, and sync any app without needing engineering resources. This means more time for you to drive the business forward.

Measure and optimize the impact of analytics work

Paradime Radar provides real-time intelligence on analytics health, team performance, and cost. These insights will help you prioritize high-impact initiatives, ensuring your team is always working on what will drive the most value for your business.
A 70% reduction in MTTR using Paradime Bolt
"Paradime's streamlined dbt™ orchestration process has cut error resolution time from 30 seconds to 10 seconds—a 70% improvement. This speed is crucial for running models at a super-high cadence."

– Adam Cunnington, Head of Data & Engineering at Medialab
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50+ ready-to-use integrations and a powerful Custom Integration SDK to seamlessly connect with your data apps
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"Paradime has worked like magic. It changed the game for us. Everything we need is in one place, making all our FP&A process not just faster but also simpler to manage."
Eric Dilu – Senior Data Engineer
“After a week of comparing the two platforms, we realized Paradime was a much better fit for our specific needs. Like, the 99.9% uptime guarantee has resolved some of our biggest pain points.”
Henri Jäderberg – Analytics Engineer

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