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Whether you're providing mission-critical analytics for patient care or risk models for insurers and hospitals, Paradime can help with case-mix modeling and timely data delivery every day. Paradime unlocks the power of dbt™, allowing you to minimize patient costs and maximize positive healthcare outcomes.

AI-powered dbt™ development

With Paradime Code IDE, you can build dbt™ models 80% faster. Our secure, serverless cloud IDE comes with built-in data apps, easy git, and an AI co-pilot powered by GPT-4o to support you.

Ship dbt™ pipelines in seconds

Paradime Bolt simplifies dbt™ pipeline management. Run no-code dbt™ jobs, notify stakeholders, and sync any app without needing engineering resources. This means more time for you to drive the business forward.

Measure and optimize the impact of analytics work

Paradime Radar provides real-time intelligence on analytics health, team performance, and cost. These insights will help you prioritize high-impact initiatives, ensuring your team is always working on what will drive the most value for your business.
Improving ROI on our analytics work by leveraging AI
"There’s a lot of tedious work in data, and spending time on this is not how you add value to the business. This is where DinoAI comes to play, saving you time so you can focus on analytics work that matters.”

– Suzette Puente, Senior Analytics Engineering Manager
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50+ ready-to-use integrations and a powerful Custom Integration SDK to seamlessly connect with your data apps
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"Paradime has worked like magic. It changed the game for us. Everything we need is in one place, making all our FP&A process not just faster but also simpler to manage."
Eric Dilu – Senior Data Engineer
“Paradime Bolt is essentially helping us summarize and understand all of the components of our North Star metric, MRR, which pretty much impacts every facet of our business - from marketing to sales to product."
Shyam Sivakumar – Head of Data & Customer Relations

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