Make your analytics work

Pricing for one person startups to Fortune 500 enterprises

Starting 🌱
$75 USD

per active seat / month

Single person or a small team just starting their dbt journey

What’s included:
Up to 5 developers
Query SQL
Code IDE
Graph lineage
Unlimited Bolt schedules
All dev tools, schedulers, keymaps, storage, git repos, Slack
One dashboard integration
Single instance in the US or EU
One workspace, one dbt repo
In-app, email and Slack support
Scaling ⚡️
$250 USD

per active seat / month

Scale up large analytics teams looking to streamline their analytics process across the organisation

What’s included:
Everything on Growth plan
1 or more developers, no minimum seats
In-app, email and Slack support
Okta, SAML 2.0
Data residency with multiple instances in the US, EU and APAC. Learn more
Unlimited dbt workspaces

"You are, like, blowing our minds here"

Director of GTM
Fortune 500 B2B Saas Enterprise
Facebook - Software Webflow Template

“The onboarding is kind of magic, never seen something like this before!!”

Analytics Manager
Deca-corn Cloud Infrastructure Scale-up
Twitter - Software Webflow Template

“Awesome support! quick, efficient and effective”

BI Engineer
Unicorn Cloud Infra Scale-up

Integrates seamlessly with where you work

Built to supercharge your team productivity across the full analytics life cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate Active Seat per Month?

Active seats per month = Total number of signed up users on Paradime on the last day of the month excluding deactivated and pending users.

How is my monthly bill calculated?

For monthly plans, we bill you on the 1st day of the current month for the previous month. 

The bill is calculated as the Monthly Active Seats for the previous month * price per seat of your current plan.

Do you have annual plans?

Yes! You can pay for seats either monthly or annually. Annual plans cost 20% less than monthly plans.

For annual plans we will charge you pro-rata for additional seats you add until the end of the contract.

What kind of payment options are accepted?

We accept credit / debit cards, ACH bank transfer and ACH direct debits (for US banks).

Do you offer support during setup?

Yes, we provide installation support for all customers. Once you sign up, we will send you a pre-prep checklist and then fix time to go through the setup process with you.

Do I need to get an engineer for onboarding?

Nope. Once you have everything ready from our checklist like whitelisting IP addresses etc. you won’t need an engineer or admin to be present during the initial setup and onboarding.

Does Paradime work with large enterprises?

Of course! Paradime works with a number of large enterprises with more than 50 analytics engineers using the platform across multiple projects.

Due to the complex needs of many large enterprises, we suggest talking to about our Custom plans to ensure that you have all of the integrations, security, and governance that you need.

What counts as seats?

In Paradime, there are three primary user roles - admins, developers and business users. We only charge for developer and admin seats.

Business users have only read access to the graph lineage and are not charged i.e. you can have unlimited business users.

Developers can use the whole platform but they can’t add data warehouse connections, connect integrations or invite/upgrade users above their level.

Admins can do everything.

We are an early stage startup, do we get a discount?

Yes! Startups founded in the past 2 years who have raised less than $5M in total are eligible for the Paradime Startup Program, which gives you the Growing tier with an attractive discount for one year. Reach out to us via if you'd like to apply.

Do you offer a free trial to test Paradime out before committing?

For Starting and Growing plans we have a 14 days trial during which you can cancel the contract once you have signed. During the trial you have access to all the features of the Scaling tier.

For Scaling tier, we can provide access to a Paradime sandbox, where you can play around with all the platform features before committing.

How long will the initial setup take and what will I need?

When you sign up to Paradime we will send you a checklist. If you have everything ready in the checklist, then we can get initial setup done in less than 15 mins and after that it's rock and roll 🤘.

You can start onboarding your analytics team and it takes less than a minute for each analyst whether you are onboarding one or 100 or more 🚀.

Does Paradime integrate with my existing tools?

Paradime integrates with your existing git provider like Github or cloud data warehouse like Snowflake and dashboard apps like Looker or Tableau out of the box so that when you onboard there is no lift and shift of your existing setup.

This ensures your existing analytics workflows are upleveled where you analysts live.

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