Learn dbt Core™* using Paradime

The most comprehensive analytics course using dbt Core™* and Paradime.

September 5, 2023
Learn dbt Core™* using Paradime
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Learn dbt Core™* using Paradime


Today learning analytics engineering is hard, requires tons of manual setup before you can take your first baby steps. It's just complicated. It feels like before you learn to drive a car, you have to first build a car. 😤 We spoke with 100s of data leaders and having a high performing analytics team is one of the biggest problems they face to meet their objectives.

Becoming an analytics engineer is hard

Speaking with our friends at AECamp we realised that frequently tools come in the way of true mastery of analytics engineering concepts. Learning dbt™* is just a part of the analytics journey, but forming a deep conceptual understanding of data modelling (using dbt™*) is a far more valuable skill to have.

But a large majority of current analytics engineers were not programmers before - this is the first time they are probably learning what an IDE is. The learning curve is steep. At the least to be a semi-functional analytics engineer, you need to get comfortable with a development environment, a terminal, "pip install" some things, use "docker run" to run some other weird things, and then the elephant in the room waiting would be gitops.

Once you have gone through all of that, it's time to learn SQL and then you get to dbt™*. The path is long, winded and hard. Hence, today there is a talent vacuum. Demand far outstrips supply. Data leaders, CTOs are thinking of modernizing their data stacks but shudder at the thought of migration, talent up-skilling and hiring. Forget hiring, they don't even know what to look for.

Is there a way out?

We both felt that education is the way out. We started thinking about Paradime as a platform from where a student of analytics engineering could rise and shine. Paradime's huge coverage of features over the entire analytics engineering workflow became a natural choice as a starting point.

We were inspired by all the work that Co-rise, Datazoomcamp and others were doing of training analytics engineers of tomorrow but felt its not enough to close the talent gap that exists in the industry today. We felt the need to do more.

Learn dbt Core™* using Paradime

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Learn dbt Core™* using Paradime course - this is an effort on our part to help develop the next generation of analytics engineers globally.

Paradime, is the ultimate operating system for  - means it can help you get all our daily analytics work done faster and easier. With Paradime, now the next generation of analytics engineers can focus on learning and not fighting tools, onboarding and setups. Similarly, tutors can focus on course material and not maintaining infrastructure for training. It's a win-win 🔥.

The AECamp team saw clearly the benefits of Paradime as a platform to help students learn real-life analytics skills. They put this comprehensive course together in a matter of weeks, which would take them months before. Moreover, Paradime's comprehensive platform features allowed them to build a course they always wanted that covered analytics workflows students are expected to see in the professional workspace.

Some of the most exciting topics the course covers include:

  • Paradime UI functionality and walkthroughs
  • Using git within Paradime
  • Dimensional modelling using dbt Core™*
Course contents

If you are reading and wanting to give this course a try, you can enroll here (don't wait - it's FREE)

What's next?

This is just the start with an introductory course but there is a lot more. There is a lot to learn about the craft behind analytics and data modelling and we want to help anyone thinking of breaking into this career.

Are you thinking of becoming an analytics engineer? We would love your feedback on the course 🙏.

Are you thinking of creating a course for your audience? Please reach out to us - we want to help 🙌.

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