Feature Drop: Easy access to Bolt dbt™ compiled/run code

With direct access to the code, you can quickly spot and fix issues, boosting your work efficiency and effectiveness.

July 10, 2024
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Feature Drop: Easy access to Bolt dbt™ compiled/run code

This feature enables users to swiftly access and review the specific code utilized to execute a model or test, facilitating thorough analysis. It proves particularly advantageous for debugging models or troubleshooting test failures.

By providing direct access to the code, users can promptly identify and resolve any issues or errors, thereby enhancing overall work efficiency and effectiveness.

Check out Docs to learn more.

Key Benefits

  • Instant access to view the SQL code executed in production jobs for models or tests.
  • Ability to copy the code to the clipboard for execution in Code IDE or other SQL interfaces (e.g., Snowflake, BigQuery)

Target Audience

This feature is aimed at developer users who require access to SQL code for their production runs.


This feature is available in the Bolt plan.

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