Bolt Schedules

Run git-tracked dbt™ jobs as code and trigger them however you’d like - in app or via Airflow or Dagster

Less troubleshooting and more work done with Bolt Schedules

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Paradime Bolt Schedular for dbt pipelines
Trusted by brands all over the world

Run production pipelines with confidence

Git-tracked scheduler

Set up your git-tracked pipeline as code without the complexity of Airflow or other schedulers

Unlimited concurrency

Don’t let concurrency stop you. Configure as many concurrent dbt™ schedules as you like

Environment variables

Customize your production pipelines with environment variables

Stay notified

Set up email and Slack alerts for passes and fails - notify a channel or an individual


Trigger schedules natively in Airflow, Dagster or Prefect through the API, as well as trigger other jobs when runs are completed


Store all your logs with Paradime, or set up your own S3 bucket to get all the data back with each run

A simple, robust and uncomplicated scheduler

Let us help you get started

Onboard in less than 10 mins

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