Stuff we shipped #7

Latest updates including key-pair authentication for Snowflake, public help docs, in-app search, and new CLI command to quickly setup dbt™ projects.

September 5, 2023
Stuff we shipped #7
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Stuff we shipped #7


Last month, some of us were at the Snowflake Summit in Las Vegas meeting customers, prospects, and peers from the analytics community. We have also been busy polishing a few rough edges around the product. However, despite all of that we have not stopped building. This release has a few important updates. But there will be more exciting announcements over the coming weeks. In the meantime, here we go 🥳.

Public help docs

Paradime application help docs are now public and have a new home at In the past we had a pretty scrappy setup. We hosted our docs in Docker container behind an auth layer, and used the open source Docusaurus. However, the search experience, sharing links freely with our users, and prospects / visitors to our website was a constant pain.

With the new docs we have adopted Gitbook and it has now made getting help easier than ever.

Search help docs

Gitbook comes with a powerful search engine powered by AI. The moment you open the search panel, you can immediately view a set of questions to ask. Search results also have followup questions so that the whole experience feels intuitive, natural, and easy.

Finding help is now a lot easier
Search in-app

Searching for docs on the Paradime platform has also gotten so much easier. We have now integrated the help docs with our Command bar (⌘ / Ctrl + K) for in-app search.

Just type /help and you have all the help docs available at your fingertips to search and read through.

Snowflake key-pair authentication

Paradime users can now use Snowflake Key-Pair Authentication to set up both development and production warehouse connections.

Key-pair authentication for Snowflake

This authentication type is useful for production connections. It offers a user-credentials-agnostic way of connecting production warehouse connections. More details are available in our docs.

New Paradime CLI commands

Setting up a Paradime workspace from scratch with an empty repository used to be quite a pain. When we started most of our user-base already had a dbt™ repository. Now, with companies moving from monolithic to data-mesh and multi-workspace setup we are now seeing more and more customers starting a workspace from scratch with an empty repo. To help them get up and running quickly, we have now introduced two new CLI commands.

Initialize your dbt™️ project

Running paradime repo init will:

  • Create a new branch called initialize-dbt-project
  • Ask you to name your dbt™ project
  • Create a dbt™ project skeleton with all the dbt™️ folders and files such as the dbt_project.yml etc.
  • Create a paradime_schedules.yml to help you get started with your dbt™️ production run. You can find more info here on running dbt™️ in production.
  • Optionally, you will be able to also generate sources.yml files based on your development connection for selected schema/datasets.
Generate your sources.yml

Running this CLI command in your terminal will:

  • Select the database where your source data is stored
  • Then select for which schema you want to generate your sources.yml file

These CLI commands can save teams countless days trying to build those sources.yml files for tables with hundreds of columns.


We shipped a few important usability improvements in this release. And there are a few more important updates coming next week on APIs and even more flexibility regarding Paradime Bolt schedules. So stay tuned as we move into Q3-2023.

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