Stuff we shipped #4

Paradime product update for 22-Mar-2023. We finally conquered Azure DevOps!!!

Stuff we shipped #4
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Stuff we shipped #4


This is our almost last product update of this quarter before we jump on to Q2. Time hell moves fast! This is a short one because a big one is coming - we are not fully done with this quarter yet 😀.


Git providers

A few weeks back, Fabio and myself had almost a meltdown trying to get access to Azure Dev Ops. We found on a Friday evening for hours and obviously ended up in complete failure. But then as founders, we live through tenacity and perseverance.

So I am super thrilled, that we have now added support for the mighty Azure DevOps to the list of Git Providers supported on the Paradime platform. We now support pretty much every major git provider in the planet today 🤩 - Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket and ADO.

All git providers supported
Changing git providers

This is also an interesting one - we are seeing more and more situations where

  • we have customers switching git providers to optimise cost
  • we have analytics consultancies that spin up a trial with us using one git provider for speed and agility and then need to switch to their customers git provider during handover or recommendation

We now support this edge case of switching git providers from Paradime workspace settings. Customers can switch git providers or switch dbt repos linked to their Paradime workspace in a couple of clicks. What's great is when you switch repos or provider it is done across all users linked to the workspace.

Platform teams will no longer have to chase every analytics engineer across the org on their local setup but do migration in a single-shot.
Change git providers

That's a wrap for this week and we hope you will benefit from this latest product release. We will be back again with a few more updates. In the meantime, have a great rest of the week - keep building and getting stuff done.

If you have any questions, or we can help in any way, please let us know. In the meantime, you can join our public beta too 🚀

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