Lost—the missing data

Be careful which data warehouse you choose

Lost—the missing data
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Lost—the missing data

Data and analytics were what Emily loved. This led her to become a data analyst at a well-established marketing agency. Her job involved running analysis, identifying patterns, and translating data into actionable insights for various departments. A particular project involved her working with past and present data to compare profitability for an upcoming project. As with any project, Emily began her research and started collecting data.

One day while working on the project, she noticed a part of her database interface blinking rapidly. She tried to resolve the issue by clicking on it but couldn't access it, and the data was lost. Emily later discovered that the lost data was a crucial piece of her project. Finding missing data was something Emily was no stranger to, and she donned her detective hat to trace this missing data. Desperately in need of the data, she investigated and interrogated her data team and other colleagues, only to be met with dead ends. Discouraged, she headed to her cubicle to take a break, where she found her phone beeping to an unknown sender's message. Spam! She told herself. Curiosity, however, got the better of her as she opened the message to find login credentials to their company's data warehouse. Not giving it a second thought, she entered the credentials and was able to log in to the data warehouse.

Visibly bored, she casually started sifting through the files when something suddenly caught her eye. She had just identified the missing data that was needed for her project. Pleased with the outcome, she thought someone from her agency must have taken pity on her and was anonymously helping her out. With the missing data finally found, Emily completed her project and was even promoted for her work. Feeling sorry for not thanking the person who sent her the message, Emily tried texting and calling, but it was reported as out of service. Being the detective she was, she enlisted the help of an HR manager to identify who the number belonged to. The HR manager was dumbfounded at Emily's request. He informed her that the number belonged to a former employee who went missing five years ago and was never found.

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