A quiet place—all alone

Remote working can make you lonely. Very lonely.

A quiet place—all alone
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A quiet place—all alone

Alex, an analytics engineer, had just been hired by a remote-first software company that had a large data team. He received an email informing him that he would be paired with a data engineer and a data analyst. They were to collaborate and cater to the data-related requests of the company's marketing department. As with any remote company, the team created a channel to facilitate communication and collaboration, and their communication, as it turned out, was asynchronous. Alex would get swift replies from his teammates only after midnight, while queries raised during the day would take hours to resolve. Therefore, Alex assumed that his teammates lived in different time zones. This asynchronous communication was taking a toll on Alex, and he became annoyed with each passing day. Slack channels and email communication could only do so much, and there was no sense of collaboration among them. Frustrated, he contacted their manager and enquired about his teammates. To Alex's utter horror, the manager revealed that no persons were employed under the said names. Alex was taken aback by this revelation. He frantically searched for the email that introduced him to his team, but it was nowhere to be found. Visibly shaken, he collected himself and logged in to their Slack channel, only to find himself the lone participant.

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