A creepy Halloween story—the modern data team

The haunted dashboard.

A creepy Halloween story—the modern data team
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A creepy Halloween story—the modern data team

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Let's face it! Modern data teams have no shortage of horror stories to tell. Reports of several eerie, unexplained phenomena in data teams have come to light and have become a cause for concern. And with Halloween approaching, we thought, what better time than this to share some spine-tingling stories of unexplained events that have tormented modern data teams?

We have gathered these harrowing accounts from various members of modern data ecosystems who went through these nightmares. The names of these people have been changed to protect their identities. And regardless of if you believe in unsettling stories, we are sure these stories will get you into the Halloween spirit and might even pull a good fright out of you. Happy hauntings.

Scream—the broken dashboard

Ben had just joined a modern data team as an analytics engineer and was responsible for building models and dashboards. While on tea breaks, Ben often heard his co-workers talking about the screaming ghost, which apparently haunted their office. Ben being a skeptic, paid no attention to it and brushed it off. Months had passed, and on one particularly busy day at the end of a quarter, Ben found himself alone in his cubicle working on fixing a dashboard. The dashboard kept breaking for no apparent reason. Frustrated, he checked his watch, and to his surprise, it was the devil's hour (3 AM). He decided to leave and fix it the next day. Before turning off his computer, he took a last glance at the broken dashboard and closed it. What followed was a loud shrieking scream that filled the entire office room, shaking Ben to his core and paralyzing him. Ben had just experienced the combined screams of his senior executives, finance teams, and the product and sales team, who were all accessing that dashboard at that odd hour. Still shaking, he turned around to find an empty office room with nobody but himself. Ben somehow managed to escape from his office that fateful night. The following day he mustered his courage and shared the ordeal with his colleagues, but they dismissed his story and called him superstitious.

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